An employee works in a company on a contract of 30 days on the condition that he will receive ?200 for each day he works and he will be fined ?20 for each day he is absent .If he receives ?3800 in all, for how many days did he remain absent?

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Let the number of days for which the employee was present = xThen, the number of days for which the employee was absent = 30-xNow,  money received for each day he works = Rs 200So, money received for x days = Rs 200xMoney fined for each day he was absent = Rs 20So, money fined for 30-x days = 2030-x = Rs 600-20xAccording to question :200x - 600-20x = 3800200x - 600 + 20x = 3800220x = 4400x = 4400220 = 20So, the number of days for which the employee was absent = 30 - 20 = 10


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