​​An endless fountain of immortal drink
pouring unto us from the heavens brink
Identify and explain the peotic device used in these two lines?

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Following are the poetic devices used in these two lines:
1. Metaphor - "An endless fountain of immortal drink'
The poet compares the thing a beauty with an endless fountain that will continue to exist forever and provide happiness and joy to people. 

2. Imagery- "An endless fountain of immortal drink"
The line evokes a sense of imagination in the form of an image as per the comparison of the thing of beauty.


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The joy provided by a thing of beauty is like an endless nectar flowing from the heaven. A thing of beauty is a god's gift in the form of nature which provides eternal happiness.
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Metaphor. Because the poet directly addresses the thing of beauty as an endless fountain of immortal drink.
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The following poetic devices have been used:

Metaphor- Endless fountain is indirectly compared to love/thing of beauty/

Hyperbole- It is an exaggerated statement. "An endless fountain of immortal
drink...... Heaven’s brink"

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