Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

Legend versus contemporary
-the debate here is between posterity and contemporaneity, whether to concentrate on what endures beyond the immediate or to focus on creating an impression now
-legends like Don Bradman or literary greats like Shakespeare are names which everyone knows even though they are long dead through their work while contemporary greats like Barack Obama or Usain Bolt have to wait a while to see if their merit and mettle will endure for longer than now
-there are people who achieve momentary fame but in this age of technology and information blitzkrieg, it remains to be seen if their popularity will endure beyond the immediate impact of social networking and visual platforms
-people do not look beyond the here and the now when it comes to achieving fame, most works do not endure the test of time because they are intended to be topical and issue-based, especially literary works. The aim should be to make it universal so that it touches everyone irrespective of the time and place they live in
-legends are not only born but also made, so it depends on the ability of the person to appeal the people in such a way that he leaves an everlasting impression on their minds

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