An man just returned from a hill station and a friend Aush- Hello, Akash What’s it that brings you here. Akash – I have gone to Kashmir, I have brought a wollen jacket for you. Aush – Oh wow! How nice and softy , thank you friend. Akash – No It’s Ok you have been searching jacket for a long time that’s why I have brought. Aush – Yes that’s true. By the way how was your trip to Kashmir. Akash – Oh awesome the place was so beautiful that Ii cannot express in words. Aush – I have heard that very high security allotted in all the tourist place or Kashmir. Is it true? Akash – Yes Of course true & high security allotted but still you can enjoy the nature freely no one will stop. Aush – Can you explain the places that you have visited? Akash – Yes sure. From Srinagar 2 km away there is a tulip garden and rose garden which is very beautiful , there are more of tracking, skating, beautiful waterfalls, rivers all are there and big, big mountains. Aush – Wow, It’s just like dream world. Akash – Yes, absolutely you can go one enjoy the taste or beauty. Aush – Yes, Of course.

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