An object hangs from the spring balance. The balance indicates 30 N in air and 20 N when the object is submerged in water. What does the balance indicate when the object is submerged in a liquid with a density that is half that of water?

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upthrust offered by water = weight in air-weight in water = 30-20=10N

U = V×​dwater×​g
10 = V ×​ 1000×​10
V = 10-3 m3

when the object is immersed in liquid whose density is half that of water,
U' = V ×​ dliquid×​g
U' = 10-3×​​500×​​10
U' = 5 n

Reading on the spring balance = weight in air- upthrust = 30-5 = 25N

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