An object is placed at the distance of one and a half of the focal length of a concave mirror. Find the position of image in terms of . f Also find the magnification and nature of image formed by a concave mirror.

Focal length of concave mirror,=-f
Object distance, u=-3/2 f=-1.5f
Image distance=v
Using mirror formula,
1/v + 1/u=1/F
1/v -1/1.5f=-1/f
Thus, the position of image is at a distance of  -3f to the same side of mirror.
Magnification, m=- v/u=- (-3f)/ (-1.5 f)=-2
Thus the image is real and inverted. 

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f = -f (concave mirror)u = -3/2 fUse mirror formulav = -3fm = -v/u = -2Nature - real and inverted, enlarged
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