an object weighs 10 n in air and displaces 7 n of water when it is immersed in it what is its density

an object looses 3n of its weight when immersed in a liquid calculate its weight in air if it shows a weight of 3n when immersed in water

3. a solid when immersed in water displaces 10 n of water calculate its weigt in air, if it weighs 3n when in water

4.a solid is partially immersed in 2/3rd of its volumee under the liquid if its density is 3 times that of the liquid find u of liquid1

2 weight of displaced liquid

5. a liquid whose density is thrice that of the solid when kept immersed in it displaces a certain quantity of water find the density of the solid and wt of the displaced liquid if the volume of the solid is 10 cc

6.BY how much should you increase the force exerted on a object if the area on which it acts is reduced by half in order to maintain the pressure


7.the upthrust offered by the liquid is 20 n,calculate its density if a solid of volume 20 cc is completely immersed in it to displace an equal volume of the liquid

8.will this solid slot or sink in water(density of water),if its density is 1/5 times of water

9.a solid of mass 500 g occupies 50cc of space will it float or sink in mercuryhg(13.6g per cc)

10.the relative density of iron is 7.8 find

a.density of iron

b.mass of iron

if its volume is 5m3


Let, V be the volume of the object, p be its density and g the acceleration due to gravity.


Vpg = 10 ……(1)


Vdg = 7 …….(2)

[d is density of water]

(1)/(2) => p/d = 10/7

=> p = 10d/7

We know, d = 1000 kg/m3

So, density of the object is, p = 10 × 1000/7 = 1428.57 kg/m3

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