Analyse Lencho’s dejected and depressed state

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Lencho was a simple, poor and yet a hardworking farmer. He used to cultivate corn and some other flowers for a living. He had a lot of faith in God and therefore, after sowing his crops he wished if it could rain.It did rain, making Lencho very happy but that rain quickly turned into a hailstorm thus, destroying his whole produce. This is how rain made his heart happy but the heavy hailstones that followed left him a worried man as he no more knew what to do. He was going to starve in such a case as,the only means of money and daily bread in his family was farming.Even in this depressed state, when he had nothing, he did what he knew best, he prayed to God for help. He wrote a letter to God asking for 100 pesos so that he could buy new seeds.Regardless of being in a depressed and dejected state, he didn't loose his faith in God.
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