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​​​​​​The solution to your 1st and 2nd query has been provided below:
1. During the Second World War, newspapers were bundled and thrown out of a moving train. Abdul Kalam earned his first wages by helping his cousin, who distributed newspapers in Rameswaram, to catch these bundles. This way he earned his first wages. He felt very proud on earning his first wage.

The two roads were similar in the manner that both were full of leaves.  Both the roads were covered with undergrowth. The contrast between the roads was that one was less used and grassy while the other was much more used. The one which the poet took was “grassy” and apparently less used.  The first road was most travelled by the people. It was not adventurous. It was easy to get success when we travelled through it. The second path was little risky and adventurous. It was an uncommon path as it was not travelled by most people.

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