Ancient methods verses current methods used for conservation & preservation of natural resources (water storage, ventilation etc.) effects of pollution. distinguish.

There were no such more methods in ancient for conservation of natural resources. Because the population is very low, there is no industralisation, and exploiation of resources was also not there in ancient time.

Preserving nautral resources was a way used by ancient people, When they store grain for future use, they put some leaves of NEEM tree which will prevent the grain to become bad for eating. They store water in earthen pods and put a cloth on the pot so that it prevents the flies to enter water and also provide air to keep water cold.

Today we are living in a world of running, and all the resources are consuming very fastly so we have adopted various methods to protect and conserve our natural resources.
Conserve :- we can conserve the resources by Three R methods , Reuse , Reduce , Recycle.
for preserving we need to minimised the use of limited resources and need to kept them untouched in a required amount.

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