Anne says, "memories mean more to me than dresses".explain with examples.what does it tell about Anne??

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When Anne says that 'memories mean more to me than dresses', she means that she holds store by things that have sentimental value for her. As it became clear that they would have to move to their hiding place soon,Margot and Anne started packing their important belongings into a schoolbag. The first things that Anne put in was her diary and other things like curlers,handkerchiefs,schoolbooks, a comb and some old letters. These aren't exactly the things that one packs when they go into hiding but to Anne,these things are associated with certain memories which she hold dear to her heart. For her,pacing in enough dresses to last her for a while is not important. This shows that Anne was quite unlike girls of her age,she took the things that mattered to her. A touch of sentimentality is noted here but to a girl who is going into hiding,it is a desperate attempt to hold on to a certain sense of normalcy that will not be there in her life from now on.

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