Ans 43 question pls its urg

Ans 43 question pls its urg Off c e Bills to Suppliers on capital [Ans. 33,200 '6.420 42. Compile a Trial 3 St given Peldmg customers Pending account Goods sold Bank Salaries and wages Rent bill for 11.3Voo] 2.4';. OOO 7'.ooo 6.65.@ 21.000 63.000 Bad Debts Received the following and - Other assets Assets Saks R ctums Long term borrowing Commission recieved Cash at bank 43. Prepare a Trial BalatEe fru-n the following balances as at 31st March, 1999_ Capital 1.71000 9.(0 Carriage Closing stock 1.201")

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