Ans of i) part

Ans of i) part a)How arc pain and suffering different from G friend! b)Why does Dr. Brand describe pain as a since c)Give one example to show that those people ho cannot experience pain are unforti d)Pain is good but it should not have been so un leasant. Do you agree? Give reasons f. e) What is the name of Dr. Paul Brand's book? f) The word 'singed' in the passage means. .... g)HoW does the memory of pain help us! h)Find a word from the passage which means the same save. i) Make sentences using each of the following words as a noun and a verb. Experience. mind Section — B (Writing) 20 Marks 3. Your school organized a Book Week in the month of January . Write a speech to be Morning Assembly on the importance Of reading books in 1 00 words. 4. You are Savita/ Sahil , a resident of Mayur Vihar in New Delhi. Write a letter to the lewspaper complaining about the illegal encroachment of Government land and Gover our locality the lofr for

Dear Student,

a) Own experiences, not things. (experience as noun)
b) You are going to experience pain and suffering. (experience as verb)

c) Rahul has a keen mind. (mind as noun)
d) Please do not mind, but I am going to say something harsh. (mind as verb)



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