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Ans pls ' etoout being the best athlete in the class. forms are written as verb + gerund. This structure can be used along with the verbs such as accuse, admit, apologize, boast, —s, complain, deny, insist, prohibit, suggest, warn and so on. change the narration of the following declarative sentences from direct speech to indirect speech. Use appropriate forms of the reporting verbs given in the box. remind tell instruct complain suggest offer inform promise warn advise a. Sita said to Manish, 'I always carry a bottle of water when I go out in the sun.' Sita told Manish that she always carries a bottle of water when she goes out in the sun. b. My mother said to my father, 'It is time for Diwali shopping.' c. Vayu said to Harish, 'l can be your partner for the game.' d. The teacher said (to the parents), 'The school is planning to take classVlll students for an excursion to the Ajanta caves this year.' e. The invigilator said (to the examinees), 'If you talk in the examination hall, your scripts will be taken away.' 161 DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECH

b. My mother reminded my father that it was time for Diwali shopping.
c. Vayu promised Harsh that he could be his partner for the game.
d. The teacher informed the parents that the school was planning to take class 8 students for an excursion to the Ajanta caves that particular year.
e. The invigilator warned the examinees that if they talked in the examination hall, their scripts would be taken away.

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