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Ans pls -h) 6. Change the narration of the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets. a. Zarina wished that she could meet Leander Paes. (direct speech) Zarina said, 'I Wish I could meet Leander Paes!' b. The old lady said, 'Alas! Gone are those golden days!' (indirect speech) C. Neetu exclaimed with sadness that she had lost her lucky pen. (direct speech) d. 'l shall never talk to you again,' said Raja to Rani. (indirect speech) e. 'Look! What a beautiful rainbow,' said Vineeta to me. (indirect speech) f. Akhil said to his mother, 'Hurrah! I got the scholarship.' (indirect speech) g. My teacher congratulated me on my performance in the test. (direct speech) CHANGING THE NARRATION OF CONVERSATIONS You must have noticed that in our day-to-day speech, we use incomplete sentences very frequently Yet these incomplete sentences make sense to us. We understand the meaning of these incomplete utterances from the situation in which they are said. But we report such communications to others, we need to complete them because context of tand the ori

b. The old lady sighed that the golden days were gone.
c. Neetu said, "Oh, I lost my lucky pen."
d. Raja told Rani that he would never talk to her again.
e. Vineeta exclaimed to me what a beautiful rainbow it was.
f. Akhil happily told his mother that he got the scholarship.
g. My teacher told me, "Congratulations on your performance in the test."

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