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Dear student 

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However, here are a few useful hints. 

Give an appropriate title for your poster. The title can be creative. You can use a rhetoric question as well.
example: What comes next is worse!
- Give a suitable picture or draw one. For example you can have pictures from the newspapers, showing the effects of the natural disaster
- Add a few relevant points - It is usually after the storm that one sees more problems 
- Add a few lines on the dangers that appear after a natural disaster - unsanitary conditions created during such a time gives rise to diseases like Malaria and Dengue. 
- Provide prevention methods: By practising proper oral hygiene, keeping yourself clean and treating wounds quickly, we can prevent most infectious diseases that spread during this time. 
- We must also make sure that garbage is picked up as soon as possible to prevent the breeding of mosquitos. 
- Give the readers more information on how they can help. For example: "If you want to know how to keep safe during this time, visit or call us at 111 111 111"  


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