Ans question no 16

Ans question no 16 certain metal when irradiated With light 1016 Hz) emits photo electrons With 32 kinetic energy as did photo electron S tne same metal is irradiated by light . s 2.0 1016 Hz), Calculate vo of electro ? 8 1015 H 0 _v (4) 4 x 1012 Hz - —313.6/n2 kcal/mole. If the varue' _34_84 kcal/mole, to which value does 'n' Which transition of Lii+ is associated with same energy change as n = 6 to n = 4 transition in 25. (I) n: 3 ton—I (2) n = 8 to n = 6 Zeeman effect refers to the (1) Splitting of the spectral lines in a magnetic field (2) Splitting up of the spectral lines in an electrostatic field (3) Emission of electrons from metals when light falls on it (4) Random scattering of a-particles by gold foil 1018 is . *rnber of spectral lines in Balmer series when an electron return from 7th orbit to ISt orbit of hydrogen atom are (4) 15 with it would become 26. 27 .1 Its 9 If kinetic energy of a proton is increased nine times, the wavelength Of the de-Broglie wave

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The correct answer is Option (3) n= 9 to n=6 and the computation is expressed below,


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