Ans question no 44

Ans question no 44 41. A p-orbital can accommodato upto (1) Four electrons (Z)/ Six electron % (4) Éight electr (3) Two electrons 42. If the uncertainty in the position of zero, the uncertainty in its momentum - (2) Greater than (1) Zero 50. h Infinite (3) Less than — 43. The number of radial nodes in 4s and 3p are respectively (3) 2,2 44. Which of the following orbital is with the four present on the axis? 45. Which of the following statement concerning four quantum number is incorrect? (1) n gives the size of an orbital (2) I gives the shape of an orbital (3) m gives the energy of the electron in orbital (4) s gives the direction of spin of electron in the

Dear student
Apart from dz2, all the d orbitals have four lobes.
since here axis is mentioned, so dx2-y2 , has lobes along the dxy plane.
So as [which axes,x, y or z is not mentioned] the correct option is 2 and 3


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