Ans the following urgently:(1)Why do we jerk wet clothes before spreading them on line for drying?(2)Why does a pillion rider fall forward,when a driver of 2 wheeler suddenly applies brakes? (3) a running boy falls in the forward direction,when he is tripped with a stone.Why?

Dear student,

(i) Body maintain it's motion until and unless any external force will get apply on it,while when we jerk the cloth the water particle remain as it is and cloth is in motion so water droplet get away while jerking.

While the two wheeler is moving, both the vehicle and the passengers are moving at the same velocity. When the vehicle suddenly slows down, the passengers will still be moving at the same velocity as the two wheeler was doing, so will fall forward until something stops them 

(iii) This is because the stone stops his foot while his rest of the body is still in motion due to inertia and so he falls forward.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.

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