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Ans this qu Question 5 (a) The diagram given below shows the starting experiment. study the same and answer the questions that follow: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) 10% sucrose solution 5% sucrose solution semi-permeable membrane Name the phenomenon intended to be shown by this experiment? Definc it. Which limb of the U-tube, A or B, contains more concentrated solution and why? Why arc the two kinds of molecules shown in different sizes? Mention the function of a semi-permeable membrane. Which limb of the U-tube, A or B, is functionally comparable to the root hair cell of a plant? 01/21

Dear Student, i) Osmosis. It is the phenomenon in which solvent moves from a higher concentration to lower concentration. ii) Limb -A of the U-tube is more concentrated as it contains more solute particles(sucrose). iii) Two kinds of molecules shows, size of particles does not influence the process of osmosis. iv) Semi-permeable membrane allows only specific molecules or solvent molecules to pass through it. v) Limb-A is functionally comparable to the root hair as it is more concentrated, then only water will move from right hand of the limb to left hand of the limb as water moves from soil towards root hair in the plant. Regards

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