Answer all the questions

Answer all the questions ÜGiven is the diagram of an appiuatu, a particu lar phe nomenon in plants AIR BUBBLE AIR TIGHT CONTAINER (a) Name the apparatus. (b) What is it used for ? (c) What is the role played by the air-bubble in thi experiment ? (d) What is the use of the reservoir ? (e) What happens to the movement of the air-bubbl if the apparatus is kept (i) in the dark; (ii) in sunlight: (iii) in front Give a reason in each case.

Dear Student,

a) The apparatus used here is a Potometer.

b) A Potometer is used to measure the rate of Transpiration.

c) The Air bubble helps us to visualize the movement of water due to the suction created due to Transpiration.

d) The reservoir contains water. This is because Transpiration results in loss of water. So, there has to be a continuous supply of water for Transportation to continue. Also, in the absence of roots, the reservoir is the supplier of water for Transpiration to take place continuously.

e) In dark: Rate of Transpiration is less in the dark. So, the bubble moves very slowly towards the reservoir.( Since the movement of bubble is in the opposite direction to the movement of water from the reservoir to the plant )

In sunlight: Rate of Transpiration is very high in sunlight. So, the bubble moves very fast.

In front of fan: Rate of Transpiration is high in front of the fan. So, the movement of bubble is very fast.


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