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answer and explain briefly Answer the following question in 120-150 words: Both Derry and Lamb are victims of physical impairment, but much more painful for them is the feeling of loneliness. Comment.

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The given statement is true. Mr Lamb and Derry were both victims of physical impairment. But both of them were fighters. They did not want their physical disabilities to hold them back. They wanted to be treated as normal persons. Even though they were strong enough to fight their physical limitations, the reaction of people when they looked at them hurt them. They were always met either with pity, disgust or hatred. Even close friends and relatives like Derry's parents took extra steps to ensure that he does not feel unloved, but this made Derry feel different than the others. All these varying reactions from people made Mr Lamb and Derry feel different from others, which made them feel lonely.


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