answer following questions:-
1. write a note on anaphase of mitosis division.
2. what will be the change in the organism when there is no separation of chromosoms during gamets formation.
3.define karytyping

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I am answering question number 1.

Anaphase stage is there in both Mitosis and meiosis. Anaphase 2 of meiosis is similar to mitosis .
Below table will help you to understand anaphase of mitosis and you can then compare with meiosis anaphase.

Anaphase of mitosis

Anaphase I of meiosis

Anaphase is the stage during which the centromere splits and the chromatids separate. The chromosomes move apart, toward the opposite poles. These chromosomes are genetically identical.

During anaphase I , the homologous chromosomes separate, while the chromatids remain attached at their centromeres.

Hence, in anaphase I , the chromosomes of each bivalent pair separate, while the sister chromatids remain together.

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