Answer for 5 Marksss
Q.6. Should the Govt. concentrate on providing health infrastructure in rural areas? What
should be the priority of the Govt.? Justify.


Health Infrastructure development is a very crucial issue at the micro level. It provides a support system to all the production activities in the economy, the absence of which makes economic growth and social development impossible. Hence, the govt. must concentrate on providing health infrastructure in rural areas.
The government should prioritise the following:
  • Development of rural health infrastructure includes construction of more hospitals in rural areas, availability of public health workforce, information and data systems, public health laboratories, etc. So the govt. should prioritise that the above services are readily available in the rural areas.
  • Training of rural health-care professionals should take place in rural health facilities, and the trainees should be embedded in rural communities.
  • Post-training support and placement of medical personnel should be provided in rural areas rather than just making it mandatory for them to work in rural areas.


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