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Dear student (b)The author mentions three qualities that go into the making of a scientist—a first-rate mind, curiosity, and the will to win for the right reasons. Richard Ebright was a very intelligent student. He was also a champion debater, a public speaker, a good canoeist and an expert photographer. He always gave that extra effort. He was competitive, but for the right reasons. From the first he had a driving curiosity along with a bright mind; and it was this curiosity that ultimately led him to his theory about cell life. Regards

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Fortunately, Richard Ebright had all the essential ingredients that are necessary for the making of a great scientist.?the necessary things for making a scientist are many. These are :a first rate mind, curiosity and will to win for right reasons. E bright had all these qualities. He never lost his scientific curiosity. E bright was a straight A grade student. He had a first-rate mind and always got first grades in schools. At Harvard, he was second in his class of 1510. He had the curiosity of knowing ?why? and ?how? of things. Last but not least, he was competitive and wanted to be the best.
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