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Answer immediately please me volume of given mass ofa gas is 0.6 dm3 at a pessure of 101.325K Pa. Calculate the volume of the gas if its pressure is increased to 142.860KPa at the same temperature (Ans. 0.426 dm3) Z. A certain mass of a gas occupies a volume of 0.2 dm3 at 273K. Calculate the volume of the gas if its absolute temperature is doubled at the same pressure. (Ans. 0.4 dm3) 3. A flask has a volume of 0.25 dm3. What volume of air will be displaced from the flask if it is heated from 300K to 360K? (Ans : 0.05 dm3) 4. Calculate the number of moles of hydrogen gas present in 0.5 dm3 sample of hydrogen gas at a pressure of 101.325K Pa and at 270C. (Ans : 0.02 mol) S. log of oxygen was introduced in an evacuated container of 5 dm3 volume at 270C. Calculate pressure of gas in Nm-2 (Ans : 155.9 Nm-2) MULTIPLE CHOI

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