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  • Despite receiving repeated punishments, he continued to trouble his parents.
  • The parents of other monkeys always complained about Maza.
  •  He could often take away the bananas of his friends and run away.
  • One day, his parents decided to teach him a lesson.
  • When Maza returned home after playing with his friends, he could not find his parents in the house. 
  • He was worried.
  • He looked after them everywhere. 
  • He failed to find them.
  • He was feeling hungry. He had nothing to eat.
  • He started crying. He requested God to help him find his parents. 
  • Suddenly, a heavenly voice started speaking. 
  • Maza was stunned. He thought it was God himself.
  • The voice informed Maza that his parents had left him because he was mischievous and did not listen to them.
  • Maza cried loudly. He promised that he would listen to them if they return home.
  • Soon, his parents returned. Maza was thrilled to see them. Maza promised his parents to behave responsibly in the future. 
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