Answer me question num 10

Answer me question num 10 11 12 13 angle S are Wt•e e 0m 130•. ' one is determine three angles. 5 i *-10 . Findthevalueotx. 6, rhe ofa triangle are arranged iri ascending order ot magnitude. it Derween two consecutive angles is find the three angles. 7. angles 01 a mangle are equal and the third angle is greater than each ot 30'. Determine the angles of the triangle. B, triangle sum 01 the othertwo, show that the triangleisa. triangle 9. It each angle ofa triangle is less than the sum of the other two, show that the angled 10. 'n each the following. the measures of three angles are given. State in which cas%h angles can possiby be those of a triangle: (i) 630. 370, 800 59', 72'. 610 (v) 30', 200, 1256 (ii) 45', 610.730 11. The angles ofa triangle are intherati03 Find the smallest angle. 12. Two acute right triangleare equal. Find the two angles. 13. One angle ofa triangle is greater than the sum of the other two. What can you say measure of this angle? What type of a triangle is this?

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I am providing you answe rof question 12. For other queries please repost them in different thread. Hope it will help you. Looking forward to hear from you again.


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