Answer me quickly please it is argent

Answer me quickly please it is argent e. the sentences by filling in the blanks and explain those statements. hö.' so fibre-like body. b. called the 'amphibian' of thc plant kingdom. asexual c. In pteridophyüs reproduction occurs by formation and sexual reproduction occurs by .........-...........formation. d. Male und female flowers of .......are borne on different sporophyils of the same plant. Answer the following questions in your own words. Write the charateristics of 4. 5. 6 Projee a.

Dear student,

a) Thallophyte have plant and fibre like body, since it is a primitive type of plant it lacks root, stem and leaves.
b) Bryophyta are called amphibians of plant kingdom, since even though it is growing in the soil, it needs water for sexual reproduction.
c) In pteridophytes asexual reproduction occurs by spore formation and sexual reproduction by the formation of zygote.
d) Male and female flowers of angiosperms are borne on different sporophylls of the same plant, since gymnosperms do not have flower.
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a thalophyta
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