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a) Heterotrophs can never be autotrophs. Autotrophs prepare their food in their body itself. But, heterotrophs use plants to make their food stuff. Thus, heterotrophs are indirectly depending upon autotrophs.   

b) Heterotrophs are more in number, as these class of organisms can not prepare their own food and always dependent on plants (autotrophs) for their food supply. Autotrophs are organisms those who can prepare their own food. Therefore, plants are the only source of producers from which heterotrophs can able to get their food. 

c) Th the case of Desert, the availablility f food is very scarce due to the lack of producers. Therefore the number of dependent on primary producers are less i.e heterotrophs. While in case of pond phytoplanktons are producers, small fishes are herbivores and large fishes are carnivores. When we look at there biomasses large fishes (carnivores) have larger biomass as compared to small fishes (herbivores), and small fishes has larger biomass as compared to the biomass of phytoplanktons (producers). Hence we see there are number of intermediates which acts as food for one other, so number of heterotrophs are more.

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