answer only (d) and explain it.
answer only (d) and explain it. ..On their slag heap, these children Wear skins peeped through by bones and spectacles of steel With mended glass, life bottle bits on stones. (a) Name the poem and the poet. (b) Explain: 'slag heap'. (c) What future awaits these children? (d) Name the figure of speech used in the third line.

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a. 'An elementary school classroom in a slum' written by Sir Stephen Harold Spender.

b. 'Slag heap' is a hill or an area of refuse from a mine or industrial site.

c. The slums are choked with garbage and smoke. The condition of poverty in the slums is extreme as is evident from the condition of the dilapidated school there and the malnourished and emaciated bodies of the slum children.. The maps put up on the walls show different countries around the world: they are a window to the outside world. But, they have no meaning as the lives of the slum children are destined for doom or death: a symbol of their bleak existence and poor future.

d. The figure of speech used in the third line is simile.  


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Figure of speech in this is metaphor because two things are compared in this line.
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figure of speech in 3rd line is alliteration due to " bottle bits " ,(  b is repeated )
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