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If a fire breaks out, use the emergency exit. (Begin: In case of ........)

The price of milk has risen recently. (End with: "milk')

He kept flying ahead of us, cackling loudly, until larry has thoroughly exasperated. (Begin: Larry ....)

He tricked the gun under his arm and stamped irritably on the bridge. (End: ....... his arm)

They did not wont the news of their engagement________. till it was officially announced.

  • In case of a fire, use the emergency exit.
  • Recently, there has been a rise in the price of milk.
  • Larry was thoroughly exasperated after flying ahead of us and cackling loudly.
  • He stamped irritably on the bridge and tricked the gun under his arm.
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In case a fire breaks out use an emergency exit
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There has been a recent rise in price of milk
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He stamped irritably on bridge and tricked the gun under his arm
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