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a) Types of cartilaginous Joints:

1. Synchondrosis is a cartilaginous joint where the bones are joined by hyaline cartilage. For example: between the anterior end of a rib and the costal cartilage of the thoracic cage.

2. Symphysis is the second type of cartilaginous joint where the bones are joined by fibrocartilage. For example: the pubic portions of the right and left hip bones of the pelvis. It is also found between adjacent vertebrae.

b) Fibrous joints are present in long bones of the body and are fixed joints.

c) For synovial joints visit the below link:
Now as the athlete is putting her hands to reduce the falling for, therefore, joints like pivot joint, ball and socket, condyloid and also thoracic region joints play a role in this process.

Therefore, the correct should be option 4 - Cartilaginous and synovial.

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