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Answer question 9 • • • v 'l nation so as to have the maximum horizontal rang QS. A ball is kicked at an angle of w (degree) with the of of velocity is 19(5 'Deter per second find the maximum height and the horizontal range . 6. A boy Stands at 392 meter fromthe bunciing and throws ball with Just passes through '19.6 meter above the ground calculate the velocity of projecljon ot- lhe ball. Q 7. A person sitting in a balloon which is going with speed 300 meter per second if the height of the balloon is 300 meters from the ground and person dropped a packet to the earth calculate time taken by the packet to reach at the earth and also calculate the height of the balloon at that time. Q8 Motion ofa particle is given by the equation S = 3t3+70 t: 14t + 8 metre . Find the value oi'acceleration at time : at one second Q9. A bullet fired into a fixed target loses half of' its velocity after penetrating 3 centimeters how much futther will it penet1Zte before coming to rest assuming that it faces constant resistance in motion. 210. A bus travelling the first one third distance at a speed of 10 kilometre per hour the nest one tiurd at '0 km/h and the last one third at 60 km•'h calculate the average speed ofbus.

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initial velocity u , final velocity u/2, displacement = 3a=u24-u22*3=-u28let the further penetration be x 0=u24-2u28xx= 1cm Regards

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