Answer question no.9

Answer question no.9 uo;.q : : Aem mqevns e u' uaAO •nSøesp •Auue•u NOA APO p006 Auou pvo y unsoatd •q u" pou :a'dwoxy Jauaq guoaM P!es peg uaqwnu *uqq aga Isule& au. pue p.o alp •aun ue s. / / / / qSno.a e (q) saaumuas In"utueau.l uno/ 0) spaoM aaJene-•s •dn und •q anqM la10q u' lulu oi (qi uaUM •q) spu•pj ¯ seq

Dear Student,
Following are the answers:
Incorrect          Correct
1. better          good
2. none            no
3. will               can
4. has              have
5. healthy        health
6. achieve       achieved

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