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10. ABC is a triangle in which AB=AC=4 cm and  A = 90 ° . Calculate the area of  ABC. Also find the length of perpendicular from A and BC.
Hint: By Pythagoras theorem, BC2=AB2+AC2=42+42=32  BC =4 2 cm.

Dear Student,
Consider the figure:

Area (ABC)=12(AC)(AB)=12×4×4=8cm2Applying pythagoras theorem inABCBC2=AB2+AC2BC2=16+16=32cm2So, BC=42cmLet AD be the perpendicular from A to BC)Consider ADC andADBD=90° (ADis perpendicular)AC=AB=4cm (Given)B=C (Angles opposite to same sides of a triangle are equal)SoADC ADB (By AAS critera)So DC=DB=422=22cmAD=AC2-DC2 (By pythagoras theorem)AD=16-8=22cm

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Use isosceles triangle property.

Let angles be x



draw the figure and measure it! good luck


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