Answer the following questions from the from the extract given in the picture
1. What is the name of the lesson and the author's name ?
2. Who is the speaker ?
3. Who is he/she speaking to ?
4. What do you mean by "tell a girl something like that"?
5. What do you infer from this about the speaker?

Dear student,

1. The lesson from which the given line is taken is 'Going Places' written by A R Barton.
2. The speaker is Geoff.
3. He is speaking to Sophie.
4. Geoff tells Sophie that no boy tells girls whether or not he has any girlfriends. He tries to make Sophie realise that Casey would never share this detail with her.
5. The speaker takes everything Sophie tells him with a pinch of salt. He knows she is prone to fib. This sentence shows he is orthodox in his way of thinking.


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