Answer the following questions:
Q1 distinguish b/w:
Capture fishing and aqua fishing
Ruffage and concentrate
Broilers and egg layers

Q2 what do you mean by composite fish culture system.Give its 2advantages and 1short coming.

Q3 give 2eg each of:
Honey bees
Fresh water fishes
Marine fishes

Q4 what do you mean by GMO?

Q5 give 4 major areas which can affect the cattle yield and also mention the factors which can directly affect the health of cattles.

Dear student.

The correct term is Roughage and concentrate.
Concentrate contains high levels of proteins and carbohydrates like meat, bone meal etc. whereas roughage is very rich in fibres like hay.

Differences between broilers and layers are:

Broilers Layers
Broilers are reared for meat production Layers are reared for egg production
They grow at a faster rate They grow at a slower rate as compared to broilers.
They require more feed for growth They require less amount of feed.
They require high protein and vitamin rich diet They are given health diet with more amount of proteins and roughage
They can be used for meat productions after 6-8 weeks from birth They are used after they attain sexual maturity, that is, after 20 weeks from birth  
Example:White Plymouth Rock, Cornish White Example: Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn

4.  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. These organisms are produced by a technique known as recombinant DNA technology. Through this technique, their genetic material has been altered by inserting some foreign DNA in their genome. Function of Genetically Modified Organism is to get the desired characteristic such as disease resistance, response to fertilizers, product quality and high yields when compared to non-genetically modified organisms.

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