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Answer the following 'us"fy D Why in y our the ing circuit. 'hem proper ond complete W' low cun you prove with the help of the above orcuif? J, C hos bulbs hoving of Q and Q. 'o them in o i/ he connects one o time 'he filomen' gets burn'. Answer the loll"" i no, A. Which method should he use to connect the bulbs? B, What arc the choructerisucs of this woy of connecting the bulbs depending on lhc (Jiswer "[question A above? a. Find the avcrogc resi b. What will be between the current difference? (Do not Which law will the Explo•n the law. V (Volts) 4 6 Mulch the poi'S 'A • Group l. Free electrons 2. Current 3. Resistivity 4. Resistances in senes 9 13 s 'B' Group b. Increuses•'. resistance c. Weakly VALI o Both S ewe differe and

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