Answer the given question with proper steps.
Q. In the formation of compound between two atoms A and B, A loses two electrons and B gains one electron.
(a) What is the nature of bond formed between A and B?
(b) Write down the formula of compound formed by the combination of A and B.
(c) Write any three properties of the compound formed.

a) They form an ionic  or electrovalent bond.
b) The compound formed will be AB2
c)i)They are hard and strong bcs of the strong force of attraction between the positive and negative ions.
   ii)They are soluble in water.
   iii)They have high melting and boiling points.

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(a) As it involve losing/gaining of electrons, the bond formed will be of ionic type.

(b) AB2

(c)  (i) The compound will be basic in nature.
      (ii) It will be white crystalline salt.
      (iii) It will be highly soluble in water.

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