Answer the q no 47

Answer the q no 47 nutrition (C) heterotrophic and auto"ophic nutntion n neither autotrophic nor ) 3s•c (0) 40•c Dining plant'ylilize by : 46. 47. 48. (A) water (C) and water, •tuna chkxoplast does no' Contan: (A) Ribosomes (C) Proteins Sulphur bacteria are: (A) pnot0M_notroph (C) Saprozoic (D) chlorophyll Of TCA cyc_k (D' DNA (B) Chem photosynthesis oxygen in glucose comes from: Oln water and C02 Exchange o' gases invoives; (A) Osmosis coz (O) from air Oiftusion

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Answer is B
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Answer is b
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