Answer the question 4 number by an expert. Very easyly explain which understant better.

Answer the question 4 number by an expert. Very easyly explain which understant better. 46% 403 voLTE UK Board Class 12... 12:00 hc that has a real friend; but cu:n the pleasant companionship ofacquaintance is a joy. But the true source of happiness lies within. Happiness depends not so much on our circumstances as on ourselves. The kingdom of happiness. like the kingdom of heaven. 'is within ycu" A man may happy in a hut and a millionaire unhappy in a palace. In unselfishness, kindness to others. hun•nility, a clean mind, a clear conscience and an upright life-in these things lies the secret ofhappiness_ (a) On the basis Of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it using heading and (b) Write a summary of the abcwe russage in 80 using the notes made by you and also Suggest a suitable title. Section — B (Advanced Writing Skills) You are Ajay,'Anita of GGI_C. Almora_ Write a note on the school offering to sell your secondhand class•XII bcoks at very nominal prices. (word limit SO) OR You are Ankur/AnjaIi, *Student Of GLC Srinagar (Pauri). Your father wants you to a formal invitation to sent on the occasion of your brother, Punit's marriage. Prepare the invitation in at»ut 50 mrds. You have attended a meeting wherein a nurnt*r ofpeople spoke the increasing crime rate in India. You are TarutVTrishna Of Write a to published in a daily in words. expressing your views and You are RahmarÜRehana of Senior Secondary School, Rudrapur. Write a factual description of your school library in 100-125 words. Mention its merits. its shortcomings and for improvement. Nakul/poonam bought a colour IV from Messrs Deep Electronics. Bara Bazar. Haldwani a week ago. Now he,'sbe finds that sound is not clear and the picture changes to black and "hite from time to time. He/she writes a letter to the dealer complaining about the same and requesting him to attend to it. Drafi a Icttcr. 10 Write a letter to the Inspector of Police about the nuisarxe ofloudspeakcrs in your locality. You arc Vipin/ Neha of Haridwar. You have many students and their parents the physical fitness Of the Students. You have found that the students tend to neglect their physique. Write an article on the matter giving suitable suggestions. You are SumiüSudha, a student Of GI.C. Champawat. (word limit 150-200) 10 You a social worker much concerned at»ut the discriminatory treatment given to female right from their in Indian scxiety_ Write an article in words throwing light on this problem. You Sonw'SaIu. resident of Uttarkashi. Section — C (Literature) Read the extract given IRIow and answer the questions that follov,— Unless, governor, inspector. visitor, This map becomes their window these Windows That shut upon their lives like '%flacornbs. Break O break till they break town And sWow the children to green fields and make their world Run azure on gold sands. and let their tongues Run naked into books. the White and green leaves History theirs whose language is the sun. (a) What does the poet WZmt the governor. the inspector and the do ? (b) What kind ofchildren is the talking of? (c) Explain : 'History theirs Whose language is the sun'. 403 acm OR 131 The little old house was out with a little new shed In front at the edge of the road the tramc A roadside stand that too pathelically pled. It would not be fair to say for a dole of bread. IP.T.o.

Dear Student,
The Library of Senior Secondary School, Rudrapur, is well-endowed with the latest books on the subjects taught in school, story books, magazines and online resources. However, there are some areas in which it should focus on improvement. For example, it should remain open beyond school hours also so that users may utilise the available resources optimally. Ideally, the 8 am to 8 pm schedule should br followed as is done by other Libraries. Secondly, the school authorities should also focus on the purchase of research-based books and journals, especially for Science and Mathematics, so that the students are aware of the latest developments. Thirdly, all donations to the Library should be exempted from taxes. Fourthly, the books and journals of the Library should be digitised immediately for their proper preservation and utilisation.
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