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Answer 1) Parapodia

Answer 2) Phylum Porifera

Answer 3) Apoenzyme

Answer 4) Saliva is secreted by the salivary glands present in the mouth. It acts as a lubricant. The enzymes present in the saliva helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates present in the food we eat. 
For example; Salivary amylase causes the breakdown of starch.

Answer 5) Anaerobic respiration is the respiration that occurs in the absence of oxygen. It takes place in the cytoplasm.
Example; During vigorous exercise, the carbohydrates present in the muscles breaks down into lactic energy and provide energy.  

Answer 6) At high altitude, the partial pressure of oxygen is low which results in the low amount of oxygen reached to the tissue. This causes anoxia and the phenomenon is known as mountain sickness. 

Answer 7) Bile salt helps in the breakdown of fats, present in the food, into small globules which aid the digestion process. It also makes the acidic food coming to the stomach alkaline, so that pancreatic enzymes act on it. 


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