Answer the question in about 120- 150 words.

Examine the characters of Derry and Mr. Lamb in the context of
the themes of alienation and loneliness in the story "On The Pace


Both Derry and Mr. Lamb suffer from physical infirmities. Derry's face was damaged by acid. So, other kids find his looks hideous and avoid playing with him. Therefore, he faced alienation and had developed a negative attitude towards life. He was sure that on one apart from her mother could like him. He remained reserved and barely talked with anyone. Mr. lamb was differently abled. He had a tin leg. Children mocked him and called him 'Lamey Lamb'. People avoided going to his house. So, he also led a secluded life.  Yet he had a positive attitude towards life. He liked talking with other people. He welcomed children to his house. He gave them chocolates. Ultimately, his positive attitude rubbed on Derry and he agreed to develop a positive perspective towards life.

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