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Answer the question founded in the year 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company is registered in Singapore, but has its headquarters in Bangaluru, India. The company seeks to increase traffic (more clicks on their products) and boost sales and revenue through integration of Mobile Apps, Display, Pay Per Click and search Engine Optimization. In order to dispel the feat Of people related to shopping online, Flipkart was the first company to implement to popular 'Cash on Delivery facility. All the products sold by the company under a particular category may have different return/replacement period. Flipkart allows multiple payment options such as cash on delivery, credit or debit card transactions, net banking, e-gift voucher and card swipe on delivery. The company operates both ways when an order is received. The products for which it holds inventory are dispatched by it directly. For the products they do not store in inventory, they just send the order received by them to the supplier who ships it. The company plans to spend about Rs. 75 crores on e- Commerce advertising in the year 2016. Flipkart reserves the right to terminate your membership andlor refuse to provide you with access to the website if it is brought to Flipkart's notice or if it iis discovered that you are under the age of 18 years. This is because as per the Indian contract Act, 1872, the minors, un- discharged insolvents, etc. are not eligible to use the website. In context Of the above case, identify and explain the different types Of plans being used by Flipkart by quoting lines the paragraph.

Dear Student,

Following are the types of plan used by the Flipkart:
1. Budget - A budget is numerically expressed financial statement defines the target to be achieved and policy to be followed.
lines in above para are "the company plan to spend 2016"

2. Policy -  Policy is general statement which aims at challenging the efforts of an organisation in a particular direction.
Lines in above para are "Flipkart reserve the right use the website"

3. Objective : Objective is the goal which management desire to achieve. By stating the objective management broadly defines what needs to be done.
Line in above para is "The company is registered ......................Engine optimization"


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