Answer the questions:

1. Write a paragraph on a village fair.

2. Write an application to your principal requesting him to get the door of your class room reparied.

3. Write some of your wishes using " I wish I were...." .

4. Write six " whatif " of your own.

5. Write ten lines about your own formula of keeping good health.

Dear Student,

1. A Village Fair

A village fair is usually an annual event that happens in any village. It is an event where people gather and enjoy. It is mostly organised by the village committee. Many stalls and make-shift shops are a part of the fair. There are stalls of sweets, clothes, toys, etc. All kinds of fancy things are available in the fair. Besides this, there are different forms of entertainment in the fair including circus show, magic show, puppet show. All this is to amuse the villagers. Men, women and children of all ages enjoy the fair. The fair brings immense pleasure to the villagers and gives them some relaxed moments.

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