Answer the third question

Answer the third question tay What IS l,'je me same numbers? (b) What iS the probability of getting the sum of the numbers on the slips as 12? 4 man is asked to say a three digit number. (Q) What is the probability of all the three digits be the same? (b) Whatistheprobabilityofgetting the sum of the digits as 26? nit rest tind Draw line AB of length 13 cm. Exten Aband mark C

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Total number of three digits numbers are - 900a Three digit numbers with same digits = 111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999Probability of all the three digits be same = 9900 = 1100b Three digit number with sum of digits as 26 = 899, 998, 989, Probability of getting the sum of digits as 26 = 3900 = 1300


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