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Answer the whole page . plzzz 9 contains and an the option from the • these ercors and omplele 'he passage, told my friend have synipalhy iol hinv Ho oniessed that he was mistake Inslead should be 'for' shouldbe •principle' instead of •principles' Q. 10. (1) •Goodbye, friends." (3) •Goodbye", friends Q. 11. 'to' shoulåbe inserted after •have' (3) 'that' should be inserted after 'friend' Q.12.(1) mistaken (3) being mistaken (4) (2) (4) (2) (4) (2) (4) •by' should be replaced With •of' Instead of 'is' it should be •was' Good bye, "friends" •Good bye, friends'," Should be 'sympathies' instead of •sympathy' •l' should beomitted and •to' inserted in place been mistaken been mistaking Q.13 Here is a dialogue between Bharat and Ashish, students Of Science and Humanities respectively. They discuss the advantages Of Science and Humanities. They decide to request the Principal of their school to arrange for a debateon the topic. Complete the dialogue in a suitable way Ash igh Bharat •Bharat Ashish Bharat Ashish Bharat Hello. Ashish, you seem to be quite busy. Yes, fairly busy. I have got lectures to attend and laboratory work to do. W'hy did (a) . Because I was interested in Science and I think it is very important. _ than Humanities? How is (b) This is the age of Science. It helps us to lead a more comfortable, more civilized and progressive life. All the machines we have around are the contribution of the scientist, Quite right. But the economist is also important And the philosopher tells us what is just and important. „ ? It would be quite interesting. Why don't we have (c) . A good idea. We should go and talk (d) . Not now. Let's make it tomorrow. Answer the following questions. Q. 14 What made Triveni a well-known writer? Q.15.Write a paragraph on the topic-'There is no age bar for learning'. Q.16 Duke was an extraordinary dog. What qualities did he exhibit to justify this? Q.17 How is the poem 'The brook' a symbol of life? Support your answer with instances of parallelism between man's life and the brook. Q.18 What is the main theme of the poem 'The Road Not taken'? Q.19 How does Wordsworth convey the quality of sweetness of the Reaper's song? Q.20 Prepare a chapter review of all the chapters of the novel 'Three Men A Boat' covered till Ma ,2017.

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