Answer these questions.
1. Describe the miller.
2. The miller's voice was 'loud and free'. Why was the king surprised at this?
3. Why was the miller happy and content?
4. How did the River Dee help the miller?

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Kindly mention the name of the book & chapter so that the experts can assist you properly.


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Not in syallabus
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you need to mention the chapter too so we can refer to the chapter
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IDK. Since this is not in my syllabus.
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If the lesson or paragraph was given then it would be easy !
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1-  Miller was hale and hearty and bold. He was happy doing his work.He loved his family and friends. He envied nobody and nobody envied him. He owed no penny he could not pay.

2- The king was surprised because even though he was king he was sad but miller poor but happy.

3- the miller was happy and content because he loved his work, had enough to eat and he loved his family and friends

4- The river Dee turned the mill which ground the corn. In this way it helped miller earn his living.
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