Answer these questions plz plz,

Answer these questions plz plz, traditional story . an apostle of Christ saint . make an gry Thtnking about the Poem 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. country or countries do you think "the Northland" refers to? What did Saint Peter ask the old lady for? What was the ladys reaction? How did he punish her? How does the woodpecker get her food? think that the old lady would have been so ungenerous if she had Do you known who Saint Peter really was? What would she have done then? Is this a true story? Which part of this poem do you feel iS the most important% What is a legend? Why is this poem called a legend? Write the story of •A lægend of the Northland' in about ten sentences. look at the words at the end of the second and fourth lines. viz.. •snow and •clothes•. •true • and •you'. •below' and 'know. • We find that •snows' rhym with •clothes•. •true • rhymes With •you' and •below' rhymes with 'know•. Find more such rhyming words. Go to the lewal library or talk to older persons in your locality and find leger in your language Tell the class these legends. A Ix•gend of the Northland

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Please find the answers to your questions at our site in the textbook solutions under the chapter heading " A legend of the Northland (Poem)."

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what can you say about the noise repeadetly made in his room ?
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